Pesky Penguins

October 9, 2021

Project Description

Upcoming on: 
October 9, 2021
Pesky Penguins is a deflationary collection of 8888 8571 NFTs on the Solana Blockchain. Every Penguin is completely unique! But not every Penguin is here to stay… Watch out, Penguins! THE SNOWBALL is coming! Get your penguins from Magic Eden, Alpha Art, DigitalEyes, or FTX before The Snowball does! Into DEX? You can also trade crypto for $PSK, which can be used to buy Pesky Penguins from Solvent. The Snowball removes Pesky Penguins from circulation. A portion of every aftermarket sale is added to The Snowball (account). When it gets large enough, The Snowball rolls through Solana marketplaces and picks up the cheapest Pesky Penguins — “sweeping the floor.” These Penguins are taken out of circulation (“burned”), which reduces the overall supply of Pesky Penguins. This rewards diamond hand Penguin holders by raising the floor price and reducing supply, putting upward price pressure on all Pesky Penguin NFTs. The result? Penguins to the moon, baby! 🚀🌔🐧

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