Nyan Heroes

November 8, 2021

Project Description

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November 8, 2021
The Nyan Heroes team is composed of 20+ talents from the gaming, new media, and cryptocurrency industry. With former experiences in building community, crypto native projects, and AAA game studio experience from Ubisoft, EA, Riot, we are proud to have one of the most experienced teams in the play-to-earn eco-system. As avid gamers ourselves, we are all too familiar with the predatory mechanisms behind many of today's most popular 'free-to-play' games. Every dollar generated by these games goes straight into the pocket of the developer, and players who spend countless hours on the game get nothing in return. Even the assets they buy in these games don't even truly belong to them. The more we consider this working model, the more absurd we feel it is. We are passionate about creating a fair ecosystem for gamers around the world. We believe players should own their own assets and have full custody over what happens to them. We believe that players should be able to participate in an open marketplace whereby any value they contribute to the ecosystem should be rewarded just like any real-world economy. We have also partnered with various animal charities and will be donating an ongoing portion of our revenue to save real-life Nyans. Because cats make the world a better place! Nyan!

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