Moonly weekly progress update #63 - Holder Verification Bot V2

Moonly weekly progress update #63 - Holder Verification Bot V2

Holder Verification Bot version 2 is in production finally!

We worked a lot on improving the complexity of HVB and expanding its use cases as well as on the user interface which of course our holders will now be able to see and test.

The next step is to spread awareness and promote HVB!

Weekly devs progress:

  • Fixed the FAQ section on the collection page
  • Finished the new Moonly-bot landing page and deployed it to production
  • Worked on the cross-site authentication

Holder Verification Bot (HVB):

  • Deployed the Moonly bot v2 to production
  • Hot fixed the role manager attribute trait type issue
  • Created some new issues for the next improvement
  • Experimented with client permissions management
  • Experimented with client role hierarchy measurement
  • Fixed the slow page switching issue at production
  • Improving some UI logic
  • Included the leave server functionality on the server page
  • Researched on discord subcommand and did some experiment
  • Added user-searchable optional parameter to search and select members
  • Added publish command to control the response visibility
  • Created an issue and outlined the key steps for supporting Ethereum and Polygon
  • Experimenting with Ether and Polygon token scraper

Raffle Feature and Twitter Space Giveaway:

  • Updated mission reward local state
  • Updated when New Reward gets added
  • Updated when Reward gets removed
  • Created utility hook for refreshing recoil local state
  • Synced the whole raffle state after the change
  • Rewrote the token transfer utility
  • Added deposit token and withdrawn token from the vault
  • Adjusted the frontend to handle deposit and withdrawal token
  • Show the reward vault balance for each token in the admin section
  • Disabled the channel and collection selection components
  • The "no collection found" message will be displayed inside the dropdown
  • Refactored both the backend & front-end code of the giveaway
  • Added code that links the winners with their Twitter account
  • Added the giveaway to the home page tools section
  • Tested the giveaway manually with all edge cases

Staking as a Service:

  • Adding Load more NFT button for staking-v2
  • Select NFT for staking improved
  • Upgrading the State Management functionality
  • Implemented Mission staking endpoint

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