Moonly weekly progress update #60 - Automatio FAQ

Moonly weekly progress update #60 - Automatio FAQ

Why was Automatio created?
Automatio was created to solve some of the problems its creator, Stefan Smiljkovic, faced when coding. The aim of Automatio was to streamline and automate repetitive coding tasks in order to save time and facilitate the completion of other tasks whilst eliminating the need to endure the process of hiring developers to carry out the necessary work.

Do I need coding knowledge to use Automatio effectively?
No, Automatio does not require any prior coding knowledge. The actions performed by the automation bot are controlled through a series of prompts, making it accessible to users without coding expertise.

How does the browser extension of Automatio work?
The browser extension contains a pre-built “actions” that, once it’s built, can execute specified tasks on any website without additional user input. The bot operates in the background and doesn't need to remain open during the processes.

Weekly devs progress:

  • Worked on the Frontend to enhance the user interface
  • Addressed a circular dependency issue by moving events and commands inside the backend service
  • Fixed type errors of the Discord bot for smoother operation
  • Added announcement settings model schema
  • Added "message-event" with create and update handlers
  • Added GraphQL schema and resolver for announcement settings
  • Working on the query and frontend part
  • Fixed design alignment issues and updated design with nextUI updated design
  • Improved the UI of the sales bot
  • Changed the backend resolvers of the sales bot to obtain perfect data

Holder Verification Bot (HVB):

  • Modified all buttons to utilize the new nextUI button component
  • Included the dark theme using the nextUI
  • Separated all actions related to HVB inside a single dropdown menu
  • Improved the DELETE button's functionality and added a helpful tooltip
  • Enhanced multi-selection user interface with dynamic items
  • Implemented server-side rendering
  • Enhanced the logout button within the new Navbar
  • Improved the cache system to reduce unnecessary requests
  • Included server-side rendering progress bar
  • Introduced a unique role selection feature for "HVB" rules
  • Resolved all issues related to generating rules
  • Resolved backend build issue due to type mismatching
  • Included status badges for all dashboard services
  • Modified the schema of EventSetting
  • Resolved the Discord login issue
  • Resolved multi-guild change issue
  • Resolved the Discord bot-type issue

Raffle Feature and Twitter Space Giveaway:

  • Refactored the code of the Twitter space giveaway & tested it again
  • Updated raffle program to support admin authority
  • Fixed the issue of refreshing the page to see the giveaway details
  • Deployed & tested Raffle App in the testing server
  • Added basic skeleton and loader page for Single Raffle page
  • Fixed the "Buy ticket" button: doesn't show the loader when buying one after another

Upcoming NFT collections:

Minted projects worth mentioning: