Moonly weekly progress update #58 - key features of Automatio

Moonly weekly progress update #58 - key features of Automatio

Some key features of Automatio include:

- Extraction and storage of various forms of data from any web page
- Paginate function for extracting data from different web pages of the same website
- Automatic keyword detection and monitoring capabilities
- Solving Captcha prompts without assistance
- Ad blocking functionality
- Automatic page screenshot functionality
- And Much More

Moonly weekly developers progress:

  • Fixed the issues with the custom notification
  • Finished adding the domain and path parameter
  • Fixing issues on Karamendos
  • Tested Karamendos WL Form application
  • Finished the KDOS WL application by restoring all Twitter functionality
  • Implementing video creation progress bar
  • KDOS-WL video generation progress is sent from the worker && stored in the DB
  • Testing and fixing WL_FLOW bugs
  • Removed unused pages for wl management

Holder Verification Bot (HVB):

  • Integrated Discord role checker queue to listen to  jobs from the wallet checker
  • Set a custom environment concurrency, allowing us to check users as much as we want per second
  • Finished the backend part and moved on to the frontend
  • Restructured the query and mutation in a new folder structure
  • Split some queries and mutations for flexible use
  • Removed unnecessary components and pages in the first stage
  • Included "create setting" feature to create verification setting
  • Tested member events and fixed some issues
  • Moved Discord bot-related codes to another service
  • Included Multi-selection option for selection moderator roles
  • Made setting save mutation workable

Raffle Feature and Twitter Space Giveaway:

  • Prevented raffle update and prize change when it starts
  • Added auth for "Buy" ticket
  • Fixed Oauth2 system issue of both Wallet & Twitter
  • Fixed holding requirement checker in the backend for selecting eligible winners for the giveaway
  • Modified backend codes based on changes of any type for empty collection
  • Modified backend codes for different data format
  • Fixed front-end issues
  • Refactored code due to a lot of changes happening in the backend
  • Fixed Oauth2 minor issue on Twitter Oauth linking
  • Created Global State for Raffle Program and ability to initialize global state
  • Trigger Raffle Draw from the backend and improved Time Sync
  • Claim the Reward Button by connecting to the raffle endpoint

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