Moonly weekly progress update #57 - Automatio the no-code web automation tool

Moonly weekly progress update #57 - Automatio the no-code web automation tool

Automatio is a no-code web automation tool designed to enhance online productivity and workflow by enabling users to obtain, extract, and utilize large amounts of data automatically. Think of Automatio as “the Father of Moonly”!

The aim of Automatio was to streamline and automate repetitive coding tasks in order to save time and facilitate the completion of other tasks whilst eliminating the need to endure the process of hiring developers to carry out the necessary work.

Weekly devs progress:

  • Implemented automatic video creation from clips in video-processor
  • Implemented events class for handling live interactions in all client guilds
  • Integrated BullMQ queue for concurrent event processing in separate standalone queues
  • Reviewed and merged changes to the Announcement Catcher
  • Finished merging and fixing custom notification merge conflicts
  • Need to redeploy the video processor on a newer VM
  • Fixed image uploading issue for the custom notification feature
  • Finished dynamic notification

Holder Verification Bot (HVB):

  • Removed discord wallet checker worker app
  • Prepared codes to connect with Moonly bots Redis DB
  • Modified wallet checker based on the Discord role checker changes
  • Removed "checkHolderVerification" function
  • Included custom error to handle errors cleanly
  • Removed holder-verification endpoint
  • Added a function  to check duplicate settings and show a warning
  • Developed functionality for real-time tracking and storage of member roles in the DB
  • Added capability to fetch and store guild roles and channels upon guild addition
  • A new HVB service was created to assign, remove roles, and notify the holder

Raffle Feature and Twitter Space Giveaway

  • Refactored backend codes for Twitter space giveaway
  • Reviewed the backend codes deeply for performance optimization
  • Tested the backend by using many combinations of input
  • Added resolver for getting multiple space results
  • Fixed TS error with js-cookie
  • Added Raffle time period
  • Added "ErrorBoundary" for a raffle to catch raffle error
  • Adding Raffle Prize
  • Finished creating the UI for listing giveaways
  • Tested different parts of the Twitter space giveaway
  • Added skeleton loaders for prize items
  • Fixed issue with withdrawing SOL & SFT prize as admin
  • Refactored Raffle management page components and prize state
  • Added the ability to deposit and withdraw NFTs after adding the prize

Upcoming NFT collections:

Minted projects worth mentioning: