Moonly weekly progress update #56 - Moonly Holders benefit within the Karamendos ecosystem

Moonly weekly progress update #56 - Moonly Holders benefit within the Karamendos ecosystem

As our treasured supporters of Moonly (our Web3 NFT analytics and search engine platform) holders of our Moonly NFTs can expect proprietary access to the Karamendos mint (including a guaranteed WL spot) at discounted rates based on the number of Moonly NFTs held per wallet. Moonly holders will also be eligible for a free airdrop of a Karamendos NFT.

More details will be announced in the near future.

Weekly devs progress:

  • Research on using RPC-proxy from frontend
  • Created LXC container with desktop virtualization
  • Restructured the codebase and moved the server
  • Replaced current state managing code with recoil
  • Fixed collection and traits registering in a state issue
  • Solved the display saved announcement settings
  • Trying to fix an issue with edited settings for updating properly

Holder Verification Bot (HVB):

  • Upgraded Prisma and Prisma Client to the latest version 4
  • Created a singleton Discord client to host the backend in a new way
  • Added a new extra resolver to structure all resolvers for a better folder structure experience
  • Implemented services to fetch roles and channels on guild add
  • Created a new table called VerificationSetting to store each guild's information
  • Created a new table to handle all verification rules and settings separately
  • Enhanced the database schema by renaming tables
  • Removed all unworkable code from the code base to organize all files

Raffle Feature and Twitter Space Giveaway

  • Created Admin UI for Raffle Event
  • Linked states with raffle creation form
  • Created Database Schema for Raffle
  • Created Backend Resolver for Raffle
  • Created Hook Utility for showing status/error in a better way
  • Simple typesafe API for using "Env Variable"
  • Fixed error related to the Env variable
  • Add raffle prize after raffle initialization
  • Improved auth context to type-safe API
  • Fixed Module Error With js-cookie

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