Moonly weekly progress update #55 - Karamendos utilities

Moonly weekly progress update #55 - Karamendos utilities

The utilities of the Karamendos NFT collection are subject to change, but here are some to look forward to:

-Access to the platform and bot (discounted or full based on the number of NFTs held)
-Access to a true DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) who will act as the primary guiding force behind key decisions within the NFT project
-Access to a Community Wallet (10% of all revenue generated by Automatio will be placed into a wallet where the DAO will decide its use)
-The ability to stake your Karamendos (via the Moonly SaaS platform) for rewards
-Information and inclusion into partnerships with other Web2 and Web3 companies
-Entry into a holders only Airdrop System
-Automatic access into our Raffles System
-Access to our holders only Community Games
-The ability to purchase Karamendos Branded Merchandise from our store

Weekly devs progress:

  • Fixed video alignment issue
  • Created podcast Template for KDO-s
  • Debugged video generation failing on staging with new guest video
  • New video generation process
  • Fixing the "Delete Announcement Settings" issue
  • Fixing and testing with "add multiple servers"
  • Figured out & implemented a technique for getting better search result
  • Resolved the issue of changing NFT collection items based on guild ID
  • Adding custom error on the Frontend if the user wants to enter duplicate settings
  • Removed Old deprecated metaplex_token_metadata library from the staking program

Holder Verification Bot (HVB):

  • Included a new drop-down field for the Moderator role
  • Made the "Generate Rules" header stand out by increasing its font-weight
  • Capitalized all field headings for consistency and readability
  • Enhanced the cache system and eliminated unnecessary requests
  • Resolved the issue with guild information changes
  • Renamed certain properties and tables
  • Reorganized and updated all properties related to database changes
  • Moonly bot now supports multiple users within a single guild
  • Moonly bot automatically detects the guild owner when a server is added
  • The moderator role selection is only accessible to authorized individuals
  • Moderators can add, delete, and edit rules within the guild

Raffle Feature and Twitter Space Giveaway:

  • Modified Twitter space resolver for getting more data about giveaway winning
  • Researched and tested on the Raffle Ticket system
  • Researched on Verifiable Random Function, for picking up a random raffle winner
  • Fixed bug with raffle IDL
  • Fixed wrong user filtering issue in Twitter space giveaway backend
  • Fixed some "types" issues & refactor the code of the backend
  • Fixed version issue between raffle and project staking program

Upcoming NFT projects:

Minted projects worth mentioning: