Moonly weekly progress update #54 - Karamendos collection

Moonly weekly progress update #54 - Karamendos collection

Karamendos is an upcoming NFT project on the Solana Blockchain that will act as the funding arm of Automatio while yielding various benefits to holders.

The Karamendos NFT collection will enable Automatio to scale the business and provide various features to its target audience (such as free trials) in order to allow more people to have access to a powerful no-code web automation tool for various purposes. It will also assist in the development of new features and help the project focus on growth (marketing).

Karamendos Twitter link:

Karamendos Discord link:

Weekly devs progress:

  • Implemented autocomplete box for collection input field
  • Fixed a few issues in KDOS WL
  • Fixed unnecessary video regeneration
  • Preparing KDOS WL for high-load production
  • Solved auth issues with local development
  • Get images for some collections of NFTs
  • Developed front-end & backend of youtube-video-processing
  • Fixing loading saved announcement settings on the frontend
  • Updated the "collectionController" in the API to fetch NFT collections
  • Updated resolver to get "nftCollection"

Holder Verification Bot (HVB):

  • Deployed the latest Generate rules to production
  • Deployed some UI enhancement to production
  • Experimenting to extend the HVB bot with zero rate limitation
  • Modified database & backend to prepare UMS

Raffle Feature

  • Fixed issues with Raffle Program
  • Restructured Raffle Rust Program for better DX
  • Restructured Raffle "ts client"
  • Implementing the claim prize endpoint of the raffle program
  • Raffle claim Reward and tests

Staking Feature

  • Implemented Transfer Buffer Authority functionality
  • Implemented Deploy Program functionality
  • Created IX for transfer and deploy the program
  • Improved UI/UX for program deployment
  • Adding loader, disabled state, error message, etc
  • Removed all the code related to the cluster
  • Researched the staking bug of the Kaimana project

Upcoming NFT collections:

Minted projects worth mentioning: