Moonly weekly progress update #52 - New Moonly Collection

Moonly weekly progress update #52 - New Moonly Collection

We are working very hard and step by step, we are bringing all the new features to completion! We are very excited about all this but we still have so many cool things planned!

We are preparing something new and very interesting for a long time. It was a secret until now! A new Moonly collection called Karamendos is on the horizon.
The collection will be something very unique and special! We will announce everything very soon and start onboarding the fresh blood to this NFT project that will be the bridge between Web2 and Web3 worlds!

Application will play a very important and big role in this project, but stay tuned, more about all this is coming soon...

Weekly devs progress:

  • Fixed the black screen issue with the render
  • Merged some stuff together and deployed it
  • Fixed  rare issues on the mint scraper
  • Debugged a profile with Moonly holder issue - fixed some irregularities
  • Reclaimed a lot of disk space on both bare-metal servers
  • Finished merging the sniper bot - need to fix the additional issues
  • Finished frontend of Karamendos
  • Finished merging the cross-site auth with staging and fixed most of the conflicts
  • Added checking if videos had already been generated and not recreating them
  • Debugged workflow on staging and made some fixes
  • Finished fixing scrapers-mints package

Holder Verification Bot (HVB):

  • Developed the auto-creation rules feature
  • Found some performance issues for a large number of rules
  • Optimized and reduce API requests for initial render on the HVB page
  • Deployed the multi-wallet checker & guilds cache feature with some UI improvements
  • Deployed the latest changes at the test bot server
  • Improved HVB spinner - added on each search box suggestion
  • Fixed the completed job removal issue
  • Resolved search box suggestion scrolling issue
  • Fixed guilds role fetch issue on the server change
  • Resolved the issue of the managed roles created by the Bot
  • Added Validation condition on fetch collections to generate rules
  • Integrated an error exception on exceeding the server role limitation
  • Included a queue inside checking the holder verification process
  • Changed the UX of HVB by adding pagination & moved some components

Raffle Feature

  • Created a separate app/program for Raffle Event
  • Removed raffle code from project-staking

Staking Feature

  • Created a pNFT collection for testing
  • Setup the staking environment for testing
  • Researched and tested pNFT

Upcoming NFT collections:

Minted projects worth mentioning: