Moonly weekly progress update #44

Moonly weekly progress update #44

Hello everyone! In short. Our Staking as a Service (SaaS) platform is in production finally! This means that other projects could use our SaaS and have mutual benefits from it, as I explained in the video:
Link to Moonly Staking:
You can help us test SaaS by staking your Moonly NFT and providing feedback so we can improve the platform for our community and other projects.
We also silently introduced ETH and Polygon market stats, which some of you probably saw but we are still working on polishing them. As Stefan said, these are just puzzle pieces of the Moonly ecosystem!

Weekly developer progress:

  • Debug minor issues on new test servers
  • Reviewed image quality improvement
  • Deployed multi-wallet fix and ran the migration script
  • Resolved the floor price issue
  • Working on the "scrape active" filtering issue on the admin page
  • Reviewed & deployed changes to the blogs widget
  • Switched live-feed events history to the Big DB
  • Checking the reason for tokens missing even after re-scraping
  • Updated development documentation
  • Finished the responsive and navbar changes

Portfolio tracker

  • Fixed the Portfolio page to show NFTs in the wallet from the blockchain
  • Fixed Transactions on the Portfolio page, when the username is given

Staking (Locking):

  • Fixed basic issues and created  PR for multi-wallet link
  • Deploying the smart contract
  • Deployed SaaS to production
  • Discuss caching images

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