Moonly weekly progress update #37

Moonly weekly progress update #37

Hello everyone, I hope you all are feeling great!
Another busy week went by and we are eager to release our new features on Moonly!
Here is just a brief summary of what we have accomplished in the past week.

Weekly devs progress:

  • Logic component for nonregistered user finished
  • Finished overlay for non-registered users and implemented it in the monitor table
  • Fixed upcoming NFT dropdown component issue
  • Fixed NFT collection edit form bug
  • Made DB changes, migrated data, and inspected results with changes
  • Made necessary changes to the codebase to adjust the improved DB structure
  • Implemented caching for trait API
  • Changed DB structure for metadata and made changes to the codebase

Holder Verification Bot (HVB):

  • Fixed an HVB issue during role assessment
  • Made changes to mints-scraping to migrate traits during token creation
  • Design fixation on moonly-bot frontend
  • Made a script to migrate traits and solved different issues of it
  • Fixed unique trait type and value combination issue on HVB

Work on the Ethereum collections market data:

  • Created a separate doc for Ethereum scraper
  • Researched how we can prevent the slug duplications
  • Created a script to fix the slug duplication on the collection
  • Created a custom script to publish & unpublished all collections

Staking (Locking):

  • Unstake All at once with a single button
  • Fixed Nft Item fallback issue
  • Refactored Reward Increment state
  • Researched reading tx data for verification purposes

Portfolio Tracker:

  • Recalibrate scraper with different time/IDs number/replicas values
  • Eliminated potential memory leak issue
  • Thorough debugging of the token tracker in an effort to increase its performance
  • Maintenance and monitoring of token tracker
  • Setting up a database on RPC to speed up metadata->traits data migration
  • Fixed several issues with the trait migration script

Upcoming NFT projects to mint:

Minted projects worth mentioning:

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