Moonly Is Testing a Buy Button: Releases Holder Verification Tool

Moonly landing page

As Moonly NFT releases its verification tool, it's now testing a buy feature on its NFT aggregator and analytics tool test net.

Stefan, Moonly's founder, revealed in a tweet on March 15 that he had been self-buying some of the firm's NFTs because they're testing the feature that allows users to buy NFTs directly from Magic Eden and Hyperspace.

The team didn't give further information on this feature. But the buy feature is one of the many secret additions the team has in store for Moonly NFT holders and the entire NFT community.

Moonly's verification tool went live on March 6, 2023, to compete with Matrica by adding more functionalities. All you need is to log on to Moonly and relink your wallet to verify your role. The verification tool isn't limited to Moonly NFT holders only. Stefan says the firm will offer its verification tool to other projects.

In a Discord server announcement, the founder asked the community to "Please visit and log in. Then you should get a popup to re-link Discord again in your profile, and also the wallet that holds your Moonly NFT in case you didn't. You should get @Holder by Moonly Bot role after you re-link Discord, and later on, I will introduce other roles for people who hold more NFT or even specific traits. It's gonna be fun."

Among other perks, Moonly says it's venturing into staking-as-as-service and a tokenization-as-as-service. Stefan revealed this in an announcement on Discord; "we are releasing a simple but useful no-code Token Creation Tool that will come in handy for many upcoming projects."

Although Moonly has been in the Solana NFT business since it launched, it's also extending its web into the Ethereum blockchain. So expect to start getting upcoming and current Ethereum NFT updates soon.