Announcement #7 - Your questions and suggestions + some wisdom sharing

Announcement #7 - Your questions and suggestions + some wisdom sharing

I just put some time to answer some questions and 💡┇suggestions-ideas you guys posted there, instead of recording a long video. Feel free to go and read. I didn't answer on all, but its enough for now, and I am moving on with other necessary work.

While I was in the middle of those responses, I figured it out this could be a great content/questions for the live AMA. So I just created 📕┇ama-questions  channel where you can put your questions for future AMA sessions. Have in mind that channel is in slow mode, so be sure you are using the time wisely.

Also, like everything in life, its up and down, and same with a Moonly. Don't let current moment impact on your long term decision. Know where you go, do some research, ask if you don't know.

You never know what's good or bad events gonna bring in your life, it's a complex math and combinatorics. One day I gonna share story with you how I got here with Moonly, and it's literally result of the "bad event".

Watch this 2 minute story, it's religion agnostic, and its apply to every human being, and yeah, it might give you a new view on life.