Announcement #19 - Fixes & UI improvements, Features, Internal tools

@everyone It's been a while from the last announcement. In short, I needed to take a brake from community management. Was overwhelmed with messages on all sides. Will talk about this in details in our meetup/call.

However, the Moonly development never stopped. I was actively working with a team of 5 web developers on new features and improving existing one. Below you can find a list of what it was done in last ~1 month or so. This is a just short summary, but I will create a video showing new features in details.

Beside the developers, our great team of virtual assistants, writers and designers were executing their tasks without any interruption.

Also, thanks to our @Super Moderator keeping the community alive, eating the bullets for me and still believing in it.

There are more, things that are not in the list. Two side projects (for Moonly), secret tool we are working on, and our RPC that will bring us live data and events, portfolio tracking and much more. Will share those details in other announcements.

Fixes & UI improvements πŸ’«

βœ… Get verified page's search and submit experience improved and issue fixed

βœ… Added different currencies' icons and names for all the blockchains

βœ… Server-side rendering improved and SEO and speed improved along with it

βœ… Show the Total Floor Price of all NFTs of a collection in the portfolio

βœ… Monitor table's header sticks to the top when scrolling

βœ… Monitor table drop-down was going under the table bug on mobile fixed

βœ… Show a percent % next to the ratio on Β the NFT details page

βœ… Monitor table header alignment fixed

βœ… The whole NFT card is now clickable

βœ… Truncate big NFT name in details page and show full name in a tooltip on hover

βœ… The homepage layout improved and changed and the "archive" "live" section is revamped

Features πŸ“œ

βœ… Login via phantom's mobile app and sync between devices

βœ… Signup and log in using discord

βœ… Linking discord account enables users to log in via discord on any device, be it mobile or desktop

βœ… After signing up with discord, the user can link wallet to get the full benefit of Moonly

βœ… Users are now able to set up Auto alert for all their watchlist and portfolio collections

βœ… "Blockchain interaction" logics went through significant improvement and rewrite

βœ”οΈ As a result, wallet checking for moonly holder verification and user portfolio has never been more accurate and fast

βœ”οΈ If things work as expected, there should not be any rejection from the blockchain while verifying the user wallet or displaying the portfolio of users

βœ”οΈ Logging in is now way faster than before

βœ… Sales data of the NFT details page will now be auto-updating via WebSocket and provide more accurate information

βœ… Users' display names will be automatically picked from the discord's username

βœ… The whole website's Copywrite has been improved

Internal tools βš’οΈ

βœ… Matching NFTs tool

βœ”οΈ Moonly now auto-discovers new collections and gathers its social and market stats to not miss any important NFT collections

βœ”οΈ Moonly staff then carefully inspect the auto-discovered collections and either merge with existing ones or add that as a new collection

βœ… The team is now using a great tool called pm2 to streamline the deployment and management of different packages of moonly

All of these and along with many internal improvements to instant search, blockchain, alerts, and authentication features.

The focus of the Moonly team is to always improve the website to provide the best NFT information out there in the most accessible way. And this release has been no exception. More amazing features and improvements coming soon πŸŽ‰