Announcement #17 - Moonly mobile app, Solana Mobile Stack, Solana Saga

Announcement #17 - Moonly mobile app, Solana Mobile Stack, Solana Saga

Around 38% of the current Moonly traffic/visitors come via mobile devices. As you can see on the screenshot below, it's 128,000 visitors for the last three months. Now, everyone knows when it comes to NFT trading, the mobile UX (user experience) is not that great. But things are going to change.

Solana dev team is on the mission to reach the first billion users and to achieve that mobile adaptation is an important factor. If you didn't know, Solana is releasing their own mobile phone called Saga, which will act as a secured hardware wallet. The mobile phone will run on the Android platform and contain everything as usual in Android phones.

You can check the phone's characteristics on the screenshot below or visit to pre-order one. I already deposited and pre-ordered, so now waiting to be approved 🤞.

But an even more important thing is that the Solana team introduced SMS, which stands for Solana Mobile Stack, a tool for developers to build web3 mobile apps. Since the current Solana or overall crypto mobile UX is kinda sucky, and you can't easily do stuff that you would normally do on a desktop computer, this is a huge step forward.

Not only that you will be able to trade NFT or Crypto easily, but this will open the door to reach new users and go mainstream with functionality to use Solana Pay and accept one-tap payments on your store.

Why I am mentioning all this? ⁉️

If you remember, one of our goals from the roadmap is to release a Moonly mobile app. And we could do that already, but it didn't have sense until we released more functionality and features that interact with a Solana blockchain. Now with this new SMS toolkit released by the Solana team, it will be possible to create seamless user experiences that will give you the ability to carry your whole NFT world, business, or fun in your pocket.

Once we release a few planned features like Discord authentication, Auto alerts, Portfolio tracking, and meanwhile polish the Moonly, we will release the mobile app. Not only will it increase your UX significantly and allow you to do everything you can on a desktop computer, but it will also help Moonly reach new users seeking the mobile experience.

It's an exciting future for all the builders in the Solana ecosystem.

I am suggesting you watch this Solana Lab event that happened a few weeks ago in NYC. A lot of useful information, cool projects, and people.

Here are a few keynotes from the video, which resonated with Moonly and said by Anatoly Yakovenko, co-founder of Solana:

- "Things take time to build"

- Real builders are the ones who build, experiment, and find product market fit in a bearish market

Those are almost the same words I was saying to the "wen wen" people. Find your team, support it by showing trust, be patient, and thrive together.

Peace ☮️,